Look at Me
herstory.. history.. get it? heh.. oh forget it


oooh.. so pretty   Unlike the anime which had Minako stationed in England (I never did figure out why..), the manga keeps Minako in Japan for her tour as Sailor V. This is a much more detailed stint, (three volumes no less) and has a slightly different ending. Sailor V is cursed to a life with no real love by Adonis (who had loved Venus but she did not feel the same about him) V also seems to know that her stint as a solo fighter is over and goes to find the other senshi who happened to make cameos throughout the entire Code name wa Sailor V manga.

  When Sailor Venus appears, she is quickly identified as the moon princess by Artemis as well as the crescent moon upon her forehead, not to mention the fact that she just fried Zoisite. This is later revealed to have been a plot to keep the enemy from getting the real princess. However this plan backfires when Sailormoon tries to protect Sailorvenus and risks her life to do so. When Sailormoon is finally shown to be the moon princess (come on, everybody now.. D'OH!), Sailorvenus asks for forgiveness for decieving her princess. She then becomes true leader of the Inner Senshi and takes this role very seriously, risking her life to save the princess. Sailorvenus is more mature, and stays that way, in the manga. (minako however is not all that mature..) She leads the senshi and no one (except for Minako herself..) doubts her leadership.

Minako in the manga is as silly as she is in the anime, and Ami is forever having to correct her horrible butchering of certain phrases. Artemis and Minako also have a much closer relationship, and Artemis is even responsible for Minako's power-ups (he turns into a realllllly cute human no less.. mm) When Minako is down and upset, Artemis tries to cheer her up, though it's not the easiest of jobs. Minako is just as tenacious and determined in the manga as she is in the anime, trying out for a beauty pagent, going to school with Rei (heheh.. read it, tis so cute), and other fun things.

  Also in the manga, Minako plays a bigger role in Usagi's life. Minako worries and frets about her princess and tries to cheer her up. When Usagi goes into hiding after she learns she's really the moon princess, Minako is right there telling her about her past and fixing up the hair crisis. Minako is also far more powerful in the manga. Need proof? She's the one who kills Beryl, not Usagi. She's the one who is able to lift the sword out of the moon (well, she did have help..), and she's also the only senshi who the blackmoon family did not caputure.

she is the joy and the laughter